HH #498 Tell Me About It: SUMMER with Aaron Ivey

Summer is here, our oldest son is graduating High School tonight, and we are days away from an epic family vacation adventure!! There was no one better to sit down with me for the second Tell Me About conversation than my favorite person, Aaron Ivey. Aaron is my husband, co-creator of Ivey Media, Pastor, worship leader, and my best friend. 

This episode is all about SUMMER. Tell me about childhood summers, plans for summer,  sabbatical, family time,  and well, things go off the rails a bit, too. This happens anytime my husband, Aaron Ivey,  joins me, but the conversations with him are always a favorite because you get a little sneak peek of what our friendship is like. Grab your koozie, pull up a backyard chair, and let us tell you about Summer!

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