The Power of Mindfulness | Simerjeet Singh in conversation with Mindfulness a Mindset Coach Alok Taunk | Mindset Motivation

Our next guest in the Beginners Mind Series has been practicing mindfulness since the tender age of 15. The self-care practices that he shares with us have helped him navigate burnouts, office politics and workplace stress. Mindfulness expert, Alok Taunk's calm, centred and reassuring presence is sure to put you at ease and to elevate you to a higher level of vibrations.  Join us for another candid, free-flowing conversation as SJS and Alok talks about self-discovery, self-healing and self-empowerment. Stick around all the way to the end when we have a meditation session planned. To know more about mindset mentor Alok's work, please visit To watch more videos of meditation by Alok Taunk, please visit his YouTube channel: Mindfulness aims to help us become more aware of the inner workings of our mental, emotional, and physical systems. According to mindset coach and mindfulness expert Alok Taunk mindfulness and emotional wellbeing is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we're doing, and not too reactive or distracted by what's going on around us. These mindful practices for everyday will cultivate positive energy around you and as you spend time practicing mindfulness you’ll probably find yourself feeling kinder, calmer, and more patient. If you're curious about knowing how to practice mindfulness, how to practice mindfulness meditation, how to practice mindfulness in everyday life then this mindfulness video will help you a lot. These mindful changes in your perspective are likely to have an effect on other aspects of your life. Mindset Matters a lot. Mindset is everything, and it's critical for improving your life. This power can be used to think positively and create miracles in your life. Mindset meditation can help you slow down racing thoughts, decrease negativity, and calm both your mind and body. Mindfulness meditation for anxiety/practicing mindfulness meditation can be an effective way to relieve stress and anxiety and it can also be used as a panic disorder relaxation technique. If you want to improve your emotional well-being through mindfulness meditation then follow the tips which are mentioned in this video and do let us know your thoughts on this mindset exercise/guided meditation video in the comment section below. To know more about virtual keynote speaker Simerjeet Singh, please visit this page: Watch it on YouTube: #BeginnersMind #MindsetCoach #MindsetMatters #MindsetShift #MindsetIsEverything #MindfulnessPractice #MindfulnessAtWork #MindfulLeadership #MindfulnessMeditation #SimerjeetSingh #AlokTaunk #Mindfulness #MindsetMotivation #GuidedMeditation For more information about Simerjeet Singh motivational speaker, please visit his website: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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