Eternity's Gypsies by Robert Augustus Masters | Recited by Simerjeet Singh | Inspirational Poem

Stalled at the intersection of now and eternity Hanging on to rapidly vanishing solidity Roaming through high definition dreamlands Uprooted from every stand Losing too much in the details Haunted by disappearing trails — We arrive and depart, stop and start Doing our time playing our part Sleeping through most of the scenes. When we awaken from a dream, What distance have we crossed? When we awaken, what is lost? The deathbed but a cradle Newborns gumming at the edge If it seems we’ve been here before It’s because there’s nowhere else to go We are Eternity’s gypsies Clinging to ghostly solidity Drunk on amnesia’s anaesthesia A lifetime cupped in one frozen moment Suspended in a droplet of forever Ambered epiphanies eluding memory Hinting at a mind-shattering enormity We arrive and depart, stop and start Doing our time playing our part Playing peekaboo with absolute Mystery Finding ourselves everywhen and everywhere As we make history and history makes us ~ Robert Masters Watch this video on YouTube: #EternityGypsies #PoetryThatInspires #SimerjeetSinghPoems #RobertMasters For more information about Simerjeet's work as a motivational speaker, please visit his website: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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