Living a Balanced Life Motivation in Hindi by Simerjeet Singh | Life ko Balance Kaise Kare? | Inspirational Podcast

Life ko balance kaise kare? Living a balanced life takes mindfulness and living in the moment. Using a very interesting anecdote from his own life, motivational speaker Simerjeet Singh shares how a lesson learnt in college applies perfectly to our own lives.  In this motivational podcast that is about self management skills in Hindi, Simerjeet Singh talks about the importance of fanning the inner flame perfectly. He uses the analogy of how the perfect flame dishes out perfectly cooked food, to explain how we can realize our dreams by bringing a balance in the way we fulfill our wishes and desires. Bringing a balanced mindset in life involves accepting to see your dreams as goals, building a plan to achieve them and making a consistent effort to execute this plan.  Using a three point framework, Simerjeet Singh helps you plan self management for success and manifestation of your dreams and desires. By following these tips, be sure to see your dreams coming to reality. Through his perfectly crafted pancake analogy, Simerjeet Singh shares a wise lesson about managing our life in such a way that neither our dreams should remain unrealized, nor should they burn everything up. In the process, a consistently fanned effort will bring us to the destination that we have set up for ourselves. Watch this video on YouTube: #SimerjeetSinghPodcast #BalanceLife #SimerjeetSinghHindiAudios For more information about Simerjeet's work as a motivational speaker, please visit his website: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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