How to overcome Boredom? | How to Live with Passion? | #AskSimerjeet #AskSJSEnglish

How to overcome Boredom? | How to Live with Passion? | #AskSimerjeet #AskSJSEnglish "Boredom has made more gamblers than greed, more drunkards than thirst and as many suicides as despair. A lot of problems of humans emerge from boredom." "I believe that drudgery and clock watching are a terrible betrayal of  the universal inborn entrepreneurial spirit." Sir Richard Branson - Forbes March 2013. #Boredom #LivingWithPassion #AskSimerjeet #AskSJS One of the biggest impediments in achieving your highest potential in life is overcoming boredom. Boredom is a state of mind where you are well aware of the things that you must do but somehow you lack the motivation or the drive to execute.  So, here's the good news: since boredom is a state of mind and since the mind is elastic; it is very much within your reach to overcome this temporary mental disability and to rise up and take charge of your life. Listen acclaimed international motivational speaker Simerjeet Singh share his personal insights in fighting off this mental parasite - #boredom. For more information about his work as a motivational speaker, please visit his website: Follow us on: Facebook Page: Blog: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud: Tik-Tok : Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Anchor : Google Podcasts: Breaker: Pocket Casts: RadioPublic: Castbox: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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