How to deal with Introverts? | Teaching for the 21st Century | Teaching for the Future | #AskSJS

How to deal with Introverts? | Teaching for the 21st Century | Teaching for the Future | #AskSJS #TeacherMotivationIndia #JoyOfTeaching #CoachOnCampus #MotivationalAudiosForTeachers In this Teacher motivational audio in Hindi, motivational speaker Simerjeet Singh is laying an action plan on the question asked by a concerned teacher at KVM, Ludhiana, "How to deal with Introverts in the classroom?" In his workshop-Teaching for the 21st Century, Simerjeet reflects his 12+ years of experience in Teacher Training India as be believes that Teaching for the Future is the current age need and knowing and solving the problems of students is necessary to help them lead and cope with this VUCA world! Not only parenting but teaching students while being empathetic like parents is the need of the hour! There are also many practical parenting tips in Hindi in this audio! Watch this amazing audio for a great takeaway! This #AskJS series is shot with the intellectual minds, the educators, the parents and the decision makers of K.V.M. School, Ludhiana, Punjab. It was a great pleasure to interact with such an enthusiastic audience! The Intent of the this program is to resolve the queries and to assist educators in making the best decisions in the lives of upcoming innovators, entrepreneurs and change-makers (students)! As the information age dawned, so did an era of vastly accelerated change, increased complexity and competition in the global economy. It is important that our educational systems anticipate these changes and adapt to the needs of an exciting yet complex future. These videos wishes to empower educators to create a space where young people who will change the world can breathe, prosper and flourish.  For more information about Simerjeet's work in education sector, visit: For #Coachoncampus series at GNA University (on YouTube), playlist, click: For #Coachoncampus at MGN, Public school, UE-2, Jalandhar, click: For other #CoachOnCampus videos (on YouTube), visit playlist: For more information about Simerjeet's work as a motivational speaker, please visit his website: Follow us on: Facebook Page: Blog: LinkedIn: Instagram: @speakersimer ( Twitter: @SimerjeetSingh ( Soundcloud: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Email us your relevant questions using "#AskSimerjeet" and your suggestions to recite using "Request for recitation" in your subject line and we will love to choose the best among the list for upcoming audios. ID:

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