How to overcome inferiority complex | Dealing with inferiority complex | Hindi Personality Development Audio #CoachOnCampus

Simerjeet Singh on How to overcome inferiority complex | Dealing with inferiority complex | @MGN 5 #inferioritycomplex | #CoachOnCampus at MGN Public School, Urban Estate, Jalandhar "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."~ Eleanor Roosevelt A majority of youth today are struggling with some degree of inferiority complex in their minds. Technology hasn't really helped. With the Tiktok influencers raging a subscriber war and Instagram promoting selfie culture and camera content to a huge extent, young minds are feeling the pressure of being constantly in public eye.  Inferiority complex, says international keynote speaker Simerjeet Singh, is as common as the flu and is a matter of allowance. In this inspiring audio, Simerjeet touches on the following: - when does inferiority complex happen - what are the causes - who is responsible for inferiority complex - how do we deal with criticism - how do we say no to the inner critic within us - how to avoid comparisons and what kind of comparisons to avoid Staying in a space of inferiority complex is not a great thing and could end up being detrimental to most of the decisions you might otherwise have taken in your life. Hence, this inspirational personality development audio is a must watch for all those who are currently stuck in the space of inferiority complex and wish to take concrete action to come out of it.  Simerjeet explains the above quote on dealing with inferiority complex while narrating a real life incident. Inferiority complex in self arises only when you give permission to other people to make you feel inferior.  In this Hindi audio of #CoachOnCampus series, Simerjeet Singh, with the help of real life examples explains to the students about how to deal with an inferiority complex. The Inferiority complex in Hindi audio by Simerjeet is all about gaining confidence while overcoming inferiority complex.  Overcoming hesitation in self is the first step in overcoming an inferiority complex. Simerjeet in this audio on how to overcome an inferiority complex, gives an important takeaway of distinguishing between self-worth and net-worth! Listen to the entire audio to know the reasons and causes behind feeling inferiority complex and the solution to dealing with inferiority complex! Watch this video on YouTube: #OvercomeInferiorityComplex #SimerjeetSinghHindiAudios #PersonalityDevelopment #SimerjeetSinghHindiAudios #DealingWithInferiorityComplex To watch Volume 1 of Coach On Campus series at GNA University (on YouTube), follow the playlist: For other #CoachOnCampus videos (on YouTube), visit playlist: For more information about Simerjeet's work as a motivational speaker, please visit his website: Follow us on: Facebook Page: Blog: LinkedIn: Instagram: @speakersimer ( Twitter: @SimerjeetSingh ( Soundcloud: Tik-Tok: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Anchor: Google Podcasts: Breaker: Pocket Casts: RadioPublic: Castbox: Overcast: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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