Liquified Marzipan - Sound Design Bonus Episode

“Help! The season 2 launch is next week, and I’m not ready! My computer crashed and the producers are complete maniacs! I need to disappear now!” A Behind the Scenes Bonus Episode focusing on the Sound Design of The Amelia Project. With: Alan Burgon, Mario Vernazza, Benjamin Noble, Torgny G. Aandero, Gemma Arrowsmith, Gianluca Iumiento, Ravdeep Singh Bajwa, Julia Morizawa and Chiara Fumanti. Written by Philip Thorne. Directed by Philip Thorne and Oystein U. Brager. Music and sound design by Fredrik Baden. For full credits see our website. Get in the mood for the upcoming season with a special behind the scenes episode where you meet our fabulous sound designer Fredrik Baden. Learn how the theme tune was made, step inside the Amelia office, and discover the Easter eggs that Freddy loves to hide in the music! The Amelia Project is an audio fiction series. We recommend starting at the beginning. Congratulations. You’ve reached the content warning. The Amelia Project is about death, mishaps, mayhem and misfortune. And cocoa. If you’re not comfortable with this, stop listening. Now. The Amelia Project is part of the Fable a Folly Network. Find and support our sponsors at: Website: Twitter: @amelia_podcast Patreon:

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