A, B, Cs of Overcoming Adversities with James Perdue

The Don’t Quit Podcast takes a look at how professionals work and how you can learn from them. This episode features Dr. James Perdue, Dr. James Perdue, Professor of Perseverance, is a motivational / inspirational speaker, best selling author, and life coach Website: https://professorofperseverance.com/index.html Socials: @JamesPerdueSpeaks — Support The Don’t Quit Podcast by visiting TyypoPrints.com making dreamers into achieves through motivational art prints. Use promo code: podcast at the checkout to get 10% off your next print. Email the Host, Nick Mann at Nick@TyypoPrints.com Follow the host on Twitter @MannDesigner If you enjoyed this episode please give a review on Apple Podcasts. Thank you for listening!

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