Yes, Women Make Better Investors Than Men

Women have different challenges in investing, including a wage gap and longer life expectancies. We’ve got two conversations addressing some of those challenges.

(1:09) Deidre Woollard talks with Sallie Krawcheck, co-founder and CEO of Ellevest (a bank and robo-advisor specifically designed for women) about how she’s helping more women invest and a lesser-known savings tool for investors who want to give back.

(18:39) Dana Corl Kasarda talks with Kathryn Tuggle, co-author of the new book “How to Money”, about some of the positive ways that stereotypes are changing for women and investing.

Hosts: Deidre Woollard, Dana Corl Kasarda
Guests: Sallie Krawcheck, Kathryn Tuggle
Producer: Ricky Mulvey
Engineers: Dan Boyd, Brandon Gentry, Spencer Daniel

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