210 | Tingling Hand? Could it be Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?

Got tingling hands? DocJen & Dr. Dom discuss the Cubital Tunnel diagnosis including the anatomy of what could be contributing to the tingling symptoms and potential causes. Furthermore, they present risk factors and the few tests that contribute to the nerve compression associated with the tingling sensation. Then, they dive into more optimal positioning for the elbow and how you can introduce activate modification to ease symptoms. Finally, they provide insight on their top exercises, specifically focussing on nerve tensioning and shoulder blade awareness. Let's dive in!

What You Will Learn In This PT Pearl:

02:25 - Where cubital tunnel stems from.

03:41 - What is causing your nerve compression?

05:45 - Risk factors for nerve compression.

06:52 - Tests for nerve compression.

08:05  - More optimal positioning for elbow.

09:06 - Activity modification for nerve compression.

10:28 - What to do for your nerve compression.

14:59 - Shoulder blade awareness can help.

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