Diversify Or Die | Nomad EP. 151

ETHOS | The Career Musician’s Code approaches the music career with a unique philosophy and provides concrete career insights from Career Musician “Lifer”, NOMAD. https://proseries.thecareermusician.com/ethos NOMAD has been a career musician since the early 90’s and continues to work with some of the best musical talents in the world. In his new book, ETHOS | The Career Musician’s Code, NOMAD, explains the mindset and code of conduct needed for aspiring and full-time musicians. The 5 Pillars of ETHOS: Energy Talent Humility Objectivity Savvy These pillars are key to maintaining motivation, building relationships, and becoming your best self while you build your music career. You will learn how to develop these traits so that you can maintain a thriving and resilient music business. There is No Single Music Career Path…As you develop your career as a musician, expect to wear many hats. Whether that be teaching, session work, live gigs, etc...It is very rare that a musician will have just one income stream. Especially early in your music career, you will have to wear many hats as you build your reputation and resources. Get The ETHOS eBook and A Live Coaching Session with NOMAD For FREE When You Pre-Order Your Copy Today! https://proseries.thecareermusician.com/ethos

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