Eagles Everywhere

All of Washington is on the hunt for the bird that pooped on the President - including Fina Mendoza. Social media is having a field day. There's even a hashtag: PoopOnPOTUS. 

Amy Solano - Fina Mendoza

Steven Cuevas - Congressman Mendoza

Monica Vigil - Gabby

Christine Avila - Abuelita

Tamika Katon-Donegal - Monica

Linda Graves - Claudia

Ken Rudin and Garrett Brown - the political pundits

Kevin Carr - Eagle Burger commercial announcer

Susan Valot Ms. Greenwood

Ian Kunithia - Michael

India Scalione - Becka

Mica Scalione - Margaret

Leo Schodorf - Mason

Isla Schodorf - Cara

Elizabeth Logun - Chickcharney

Gordon Brooks - the policeman on the walkie talkie

Steve DeVorkin - Senator Something

Andrea Felix-Cervantes is our stage manager. Our theme music is written and performed by Andrew Barkan, and our logo designer is Imelda Hinojosa.

Season 2 of The Fina Mendoza Mysteries podcast is based on the book State of the Union, by Kitty Felde, published by Chesapeake Press. You can pick up a copy at your local bookstore or ask your local public library to order a copy to add to their collection.

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