"Top Gun: Maverick" Wins the Weekend and Strengthens Studio Businesses

It wasn't just Tom Cruise's biggest opening weekend ever, it was the biggest Memorial Day opening weekend for a U.S. movie. (0:25) Bill Mann discusses:
- How "Top Gun: Maverick" is the right movie at the right time
- Ripple effects for studios, streamers, and more
- Unilever's stock popping 9% by adding activist investor Nelson Peltz to the board
- Why he's a fan of Peltz and his form of shareholder activism

(13:00) Robert Brokamp talks with Dan Caplinger about how investors can fight inflation and one common myth about how to hedge against rising prices.

Stocks discussed: PARA, DIS, AMC, UL, PG

Host: Chris Hill
Guests: Bill Mann, Robert "Bro" Brokamp, Dan Caplinger
Producer: Ricky Mulvey
Engineers: Dan Boyd, Rick Engdahl

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