The One From Shelter to CEO, Founder of Evio Beauty - Brandi Leifso

After fleeing a relationship,  Brandi found herself in a women’s shelter with $15 and a laptop to her name. With that laptop, she would learn how to photoshop and create a dream beauty brand, and sell its products before they even existed. What happened next is nothing short of tenacious and inspiring. That non-existent beauty brand dream just 5 years later became a $15 Million Dollar evaluated beauty company, Evio Beauty. Hiring fellow women from the shelter and creating change as she goes, we learn about running a business as a movement is something that will leave everyone inspired and hope-filled.   Follow along with Evio @EvioBeauty or shop at and follow founder Brandi @BrandiLeifso on Instagram!     For listeners of The Papaya Podcast get a 30 day free trail by going to     Explore your creativity at  and get a free trial of premium membership     Use promo code papayapodcast20 to get 20% and free shipping across Canada and in the US at Evive       Produced by Dear Media 

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