Unforgettable . . . and an Announcement

Self reflection is a necessary ingredient in any recipe designed to help you grow personally and professionally. And so through self reflection and some emails from listeners I will be tweaking things a bit in the future. One change will be to the name.  Many listeners have brought to my attention that there are other podcasts using the exact same name as mine. And to top it off because my podcast uses the word "adult" I have e had a few people think this is an erotica site rather than one to calm and inspire. So to keep the podcast unique and reduce any confusion I will be changing the name. Now do not worry the same links and episodes will remain in place . . . only in the future when you see the podcast icon it will no longer say bedtime stories for adults. I will also be debuting a website and an option to hear the podcasts void of any ads. And although I will remain faithful to my mission statement I will have a few more minor changes I hope you’ll like. So stay tuned for the unveiling. Until then I hope you love this episode and thank you for listening :) @apple @google @itunes @iheartradio @pandora #calm #inspiration #sleep #sleepy #podcast #love #unfortgettable --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/bedtimestoriesforadults/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/bedtimestoriesforadults/support

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