Part 5: Ain’t No Heist Like a Halloween Heist

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Podcast’s host Marc Evan Jackson cops a squat with Melissa Fumero (Amy Santiago), co-executive producer/writer David Phillips, co-executive producer/editor Cortney Carrillo, costume designer Alexis Jacks, property master Chris Call and art director Walter Eckert. They talk about the fifth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the continuing tradition of the Halloween Heist episodes, break down all the heists through the years - including Season 5's heist, “HalloVeen” - and reveal tons of great behind-the-scenes stories and Easter eggs. Melissa also talks about the moment when Jake proposes to Amy and the special feeling on set during filming. Be sure to subscribe for more behind-the-scenes stories, performance notes and more! Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Podcast is a production of NBC Entertainment Podcast Network © 2020

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