Castle of Spirits Audio Ghost Stories Podcast #17

It's the last podcast of the year! Sorry this one is so short, but I think you may all understand once you listen to the intro. :) Tonight there are three stories - The Ghost Woman, Goat Man in the Mirror, and in keeping with the season, Christmas Lights. As always, the music is provided by the kind folks at and and are credited as follows:   The Ghosts Are Here .... (ft. Ciggiburns) 2016 VickyDan Licensed to the public under Verify at The Ghost Woman 198922__richardculver__eerieambience22 198913__richardculver__eerieambience12 198924__richardculver__eerieambiencebeats1 198903__richardculver__eerieambience2 Goat Man in the Mirror 198935__richardculver__eerieambiencebeats9 198921__richardculver__eerieambience23  

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