Castle of Spirits Audio Ghost Stories Podcast #14

Happy Halloween and welcome to episode 14. Tonight I have four stories from the website - Warned of Untimely Death, Mysterious Gardener, Ghosts of Crosbie Towers, and Haunted TV Station. As well, I do a somewhat over-the-top narration of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven... so listen if you dare. :) I also want to give a shout-out to Karina Machado, who is re-releasing her book Spirit Sisters in January. It's an excellent book, I highly recommend it. If you want to pre-order a copy, please visit Credits: The Ghosts Are Here .... (ft. Ciggiburns) 2016 VickyDan Licensed to the public under Verify at Sound Effects and music from Warned of Untimely Death 415768__4barrelcarb__dreamy-choir Mysterious Gardener 198934__richardculver__hopefulambience1 Ghost of Crosbie Towers 198931__richardculver__eerieambiencebeats6 166838__quistard__sea-and-seagulls-stereo 333788__ceich93__window-tapping Haunted TV Station 198906__richardculver__eerieambience29 261499__breathe2015__whispers 433651__dersuperanton__whistling 485108__janzcomposer__keys-jingling-1-3 365378__4barrelcarb__classical-loop 105265__carminooch__neighbors The Raven 83986__inchadney__fireplace    

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