S2E2: What Is Micro-Cheating a How Do I Avoid It?

Sisters, it’s time we explored the nuances of cheating. Yes, physical intimacy outside the boundaries of your relationship is considered cheating...but what other types are there? What is micro-cheating and how does it start? How do we build better communication habits with our partner? America’s #1 Relationship Therapist, Kiaundra Jackson (@kiaundrajackson), is today’s guest and listen - she gets down to BUSINESS. Listen up because she will get you and your relationship all the way together, making sure you’re CLEAR on your boundaries! Don’t forget to share this episode with a friend and let us know what you think using #TheSolvePodcast! The Solve Host: Charli Penn (@charlipenn) Executive Producer: Tiffany Ashitey (@misstiffsays) Associate Producers: Ashley J. Hobbs (@ashleylatruly) + Shantel Holder (@harmonys.touch) Bookings: Charli Penn + Tiffany Ashitey + Ashley J. Hobbs Audio: Josh Gwynn (@regardingjosh) + Anthony Frasier (@anthonyfrasier) Music: Gold Standard Creative (@gscdotnyc)

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