156. Why It's "Not Too Late" with Rebecca Solnit and Thelma Young Lutunatabua

Reactions to the now infamous presentation of the suspended HSBC Head of Responsible Investing, Stuart Kirk, is still a source of considerable outrage here at Outrage + Optimism.  Kirk’s presentation entitled "Why investors need not worry about climate risk" peddled such dangerous climate disinformation that it prompted Christiana to refer to it in her brilliant op-ed in Investor Week as one of the most irresponsible public statements we have heard in years. In this week’s episode brace yourself for Paul’s no holds barred account of what he really thinks about Stuart Kirk’s views and hear Christiana expand on why opinions like Kirk’s threaten the emergence of shareholder capitalism. Tom’s insightful analysis further links the growing movement of incumbents rallying against ‘woke capitalism’ with the corporate disclosure of emissions and climate risk that is about to be regulated in the US and the EU. Thankfully our main interview this week features a previous, much loved, Outrage + Optimism guest Rebecca Solnit, and the inspirational Thelma Young Lutunatabua whose Not Too Late project offers us the tools to tackle this current wave of disinformation, and provides tangible stories of hope. Hear how the project aims to invite newcomers to the climate movement, as well as providing climate facts and encouragement for people who are already engaged but weary.  Listening to these two incredible women speak about Not Too Late ‘rang a bell of truth in our souls’ as Thelma so beautifully puts it in the interview.


Sit back and be sure to enjoy the remarkable track Preacher Man by Micah Millar.


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Mentioned links from the episode:  

Not So Moral Money?  -  link to the Business Green article Christiana mentions in the episode that deunks Stuart Kirk's presentation.    

On Being podcast episode with Tarana Burke speaking about the need for ‘revolutionary grace’ mentioned by Thelma. 

  A HUGE thank you to Adam, James and the team at Airaphon this week for editing this week’s podcast while Clay is away!

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