OUT OF UNIVERSE - A delayed episodes, a bonus conversation

Episode 10 of Season 3 will be released on Friday, October 5th. Until then, enjoy a conversation about audio drama with Elena Fernández-Collins. You can subscribe to her newsletter, Audio Dramatic, right here: https://mailchi.mp/b28bee73ba29/audiodramatic   She's also on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShoMarq  We talked about a bunch of podcasts during our conversation. Here are some:  The Shadows - https://www.cbc.ca/radio/podcasts/the-shadows/  Mabel - http://mabelpodcast.com/  Point Mystic - http://www.pointmystic.org/  Love and Luck - https://www.loveandluckpodcast.com/  Play for Voices - http://www.playforvoices.com/  Radio Atlas - http://www.radioatlas.org/thepodcast/  Sound Africa - https://soundafrica.org/ 

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