202: Studio Owner Goes From 90 Members to 208 in Just 6 Months! | The GSD Show

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Studio owners! You don’t want to miss this killer episode of the GSD Show filmed live and in person at GSDCON: Money.

We’re joined with Serena Montgomery, owner of barre3 Knoxville, to break down the rapid growth at her location.

In just six months, she’s achieved the three core principles of the Loud Rumor Mission:

–Impacting more lives

–Gaining financial freedom

–Winning back time

In today’s episode we discuss:

–What contributed to her rapid success

–What she did differently in lead gen and sales

–How she built a solid team culture

–Why she didn’t ask for referrals and what changed

–How it went when she upped the price

–Her #1 takeaway from the last 6 months

Do you want to start impacting more lives, gain financial freedom and win back time? Then check out how Loud Rumor can help you get there! https://loudrumor.com/info 

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