INFLATION: Opportunities for pork profitability likely shrinking In coming months

In this episode of Feedstuffs Precision Pork, Mark Hulsebus, Swine Commercial Director at Cargill, offers some animal feed and hog market perspective. The corn market has taken a bit of a breather with the crop largely planted, but any weather disruptions this summer bear watching. The energy markets still dominate the discussion of fat availability for livestock feed.

Hulsebus also discusses the potential for food price inflation to temper meat demand heading into the heart of summer grilling season as consumers struggle with the higher cost of... everything.

Finally, Hulsebus provides an update on the outlook for swine production profitability given the ongoing uncertainty in Eastern Europe and how that has roiled the feed markets, and why the forward profit curve is telling producers to take advantage of opportunities now... because they may not be there in a few months.

These are uncertain times, and it will pay dividends to be well-prepared. If you have questions on this week’s episode or want to discuss something not covered, feel free to ASK MARK at

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