Save The Music | Henry Donahue EP. 153

Save The Music partners with public school districts to jump start their music education programs, so that students, schools, and communities can reach their full potential through the power of making music. Since its founding in 1997, Save The Music has provided new musical instruments, equipment, and technology to over 2,000 schools in almost 300 school districts nationwide. Donahue came to Save The Music from Purpose, a digital strategic and creative agency that focuses on social impact projects. As COO & Head of Partnerships, he oversaw Purpose's business development, marketing, finance and operations. Notable client projects included branding and launch content for Syria's White Helmets, Everytown for Gun Safety, social media strategy for ACLU, and a global campaigning technology platform for Oxfam International. Donahue spent his pre-business career on the road across the USA as a fundraiser for political candidates including U.S. Senators, Jay Rockefeller and Ron Wyden. At the same time, he was playing guitar in an indie rock band and running a small independent record label.

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