HH #501 Love the Lord with All Your Heart with Scott Sauls

It takes a lot of courage to love God with all that we have. How can we truly love Him with ALL of our heart, when our heart is occupied with so many other things that we love? 

Today, we are kicking off the first episode of our new five-part Summer series “Love The Lord”. This series is inspired by the passage in Luke 10:27, and we got some super fun shirts to go with it too. You are going to love them!

In this episode, we are bringing back one of our favorites, Scott Sauls. He is the Senior Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, and a dear friend of my husband and I. We talk about what it looks like to love God with all our heart in the highs and lows of life, through our emotions, and the example that the Apostle Paul sets for finding joy through disappointment. 

Scott’s new book “Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen” comes out on June 14th, so make sure to check it out and pre-order your copy.

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