Victim Mentality, Self-Awareness, & Creating a Meaningful Life with Donald Miller

New York Times Best Selling Author, Donald Miller, is our guest and Kat Defatta joins in on the conversation too, as she is a big Donald Miller fan! Amy recently read Donald's latest book, Hero On A Mission: A Path to a Meaningful Life, and asked him to come on the podcast as soon as she finished it! Amy's sister, Cristi, also loved the book, so she chimes in with a question (via text) for Don about procrastination! He shares a tip/trick that works best in his life to make sure he doesn't put things off! Don also breaks down the 4 characters in every story: victim, villain, hero, and guide. These 4 characters live inside us and hopefully we can be self-aware each day to know how we're showing up in the world. Spoiler: Amy feels like she often shows up as a victim and Don talks through that with her! Don also shares his '4 Things Gratitude' with Amy & Kat and gives us a book, a movie, a food, and an instagram account that he's thankful for! You'll love his answers! A few quotes we love from this episode:  "What big thing is this preparing me for?" - Don - "What does this make possible?" - Don - "Weigh your press, don't read it." - Willie Nelson Don put up a recent instagram post (@DonaldMiller) that inspired Amy to share the roots of PIMPINJOY in this episode too, as some people are not familiar with the backstory of this movement/campaign/merch line.  To learn more about #PIMPINJOY see the Patriotic PIMPINJOY line that's helping build a hero a home go to  : ) Best places to find more about Amy: + @RadioAmy Check out Kat's podcast: 'You Need Therapy' & her instagram: @Kat.Defatta Link to Donald's book: Hero On A Mission See for privacy information.

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