Movie Trade: "Pride and Prejudice" and "Fire Island"

On this episode, Nick and Sophia dive into two adaptations of the Jane Austen classic, “Pride and Prejudice”: Joe Wright’s debut film, ‘Pride & Prejudice,’ with Keira Knightley, and its newest adaptation, Andrew Ahn’s ‘Fire Island.’ After discussing why Wright’s classical version may be the best, including capturing the tension and romance between the various relationships with ease (1:42), they turn to the more lighthearted and modern queer adaptation, penned by Joel Kim Booster. Find multiple comparisons between the two versions as they break down key scenes and highlight memorable performances, from that unforgettable confrontation in the rain to Matt Roger’s hilarious portrayal of Lydia as Luke. (14:03) Check out ‘Fire Island’ now available on Hulu!

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Music: “The Greatest Adventure” by Jonathan Adamich

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