MMO And Tech: 'War Thunder' Update, 'Everquest' Turns 18 And Google's Messaging App Is Ready To Sell You Out

Wrapping another great week on Geekly Download, and bringing you the MMO and tech news you want! First up, there's a huge 'War Thunder' update, and we're talking about it! 'War Thunder' Gets New Stuff Update 1.67 is live, and 'War Thunder' has new things you'll notice. They've named the update 'Assault!', and with a phrase like that, you won't want to miss hearing about the fresh additions! 'Everquest' Celebrates 18 Years Happy Birthday, 'Everquest'! Fans of this fantasy RPG can look forward to some fantastic, celebratory in-game fun to commemorate this exciting milestone. There are missions, rewards, a bonus and more! Get the scoop here! This Google App Is A Ticking Privacy Bomb Even though Google has responded recently to what can only be described as a 'glitch', Geekly Download isn't so sure and you shouldn't be, either. Get all the details on what specific app in question might not keep your private life private.   In addition to these great stories, we'll be talking about a new 'Dungeons and Dragons' update, creepy new technology that can manipulate the eyes in any photo, a big Intel acquisition and more today! Thanks for listening to Geekly Download. Have a great weekend!              

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