Movie News And Entertainment: 'Deadpool 2' Casts 'Domino' Role, Margot Robbie Tackles 'Robin Hood' Project And Why Canada Won't Let Liam Neeson Film His Next Movie There

Tuesday is movie news and rumor day on Geekly Download! If you love films and the actors that make them great, today is your day. First up? We've got big 'Deadpool' news as a major role has now been cast! 'Deadpool 2' Finds Their 'Domino' After lots of buzz and back and forth, the decision has been made! The role of 'Domino' has now been offered and accepted, and it just means that we're getting closer to 'Deadpool 2'! Hear all about the actress that will joining the film. 'Robin Hood' With A Brand New Spin Sometimes, you just need a change of scenery. You know, see a film through another person's eyes. In this case, it's really different and it's Margot Geekly will be watching! Hear all about why this new project is so unique. Canada Isn't Backing Down On Liam Neeson Just because he's persuasive in his films doesn't mean he can work his magic everywhere. In this case, Canada has a reason, and concerning Liam Neeson, it's a no-go. Radnor has the scoop!   In addition to these great stories, a famous actor's son joins 'The Predator', there's a new setback for 'Bad Boys 3', a legendary director/producer is working to make 'Gladiator 2' a reality and more today! You can hear it all on Geekly Download!                   Download Episode Here!

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