Kalia Yojana

Hi Guys, Welcome to another podcast of Indian Kisan News. In Today's Podcast, we are going to talk about Kalia Scheme and all the latest news related to this Scheme. Kalia Stands for Krushak Assistance for Livelihood, and Income Augmentation, also known as Kalia Yojana. Odisha Government started it in 2018. This Scheme aims to provide Financial, Livelihood, and cultivation support and ensuring agricultural prosperity by giving agricultural insurance facilities to farmers. Under this Scheme, no farmers left out. Agriculture Farmers to Landless farmers are all covered.  Agriculture farmers, Tenant Farmers, Vulnerable Agriculture Farmers, Agriculture labors are beneficiaries of Kalia Yojana. Kalia Scheme also provides life insurance for all the Cultivation and Landless Agriculture Laborers. Study Suggests that 92% of Odisha Farmers will be benefitted from this Scheme. There are five significant Features in this Scheme.  Comprehensive Assistance for Cultivation. Comprehensive Assistance for Livelihood.  Assistance for Vulnerable Agricultural Household.  Life Insurance for Cultivators and Landless Agricultural Laborers.  Interest-free Crop Loan. Comprehensive Assistance for Cultivation:  The government will Provide financial Assistance of 25000 rupees per agricultural family for small, Marginal farmers over five seasons for three years.  It could help farmers to buy inputs like Fertilizers, Seeds, Pesticides, many other agricultural activities. Assistance for Livelihood. Financial Assistance of 12,500 rupees will be provided for landless farmers for agricultural allied activities foe each agrarian household. People associated with Sheep and Goat Rearing, Mushroom Cultivation, Bee Keeping, Fishery Kits for Fisherman will be provided. Assistance for Vulnerable Agriculture: Financial Assistance of 10000 rupees will be given for the  Vulnerable Agricultural families. Farmers who are physically Disabled, Oldage people, Landless agricultural farmers, and laborers are included.  Life Insurance: Insurance worth of 2 Lakh rupees for Small, Marginal, landless Farmers, Agricultural Labours. Where farmers should pay 330 rupees premium amount, in which 165 rupees will be paid by the government itself remaining amount. All Farmers aged between 18 to 52 years are eligible. It also covers Personal Accident Insurance worth 2 Lakh rupees for farmers. Where farmers should pay 12 rupees premium amount, in which the government itself will pay 6 rupees. Farmers should pay the remaining amount.  Interest-Free Crop Loan: Crop Loan up to 50000 rupees with no interest rate will be given to the farmers. Read More Articles on: Rythu Bandhu Scheme. Visit our Website Kaliya Yojana for more agriculture related updates.  Read More Articles on: Bihar Agriculture. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/indian-kisan/message

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