Krishnamurti on Ambition

‘Ambition is the same, whether it is in the world or turned towards God.’ This week’s episode on Ambition has four sections. The first extract (2:18) is from Krishnamurti’s first talk in London 1962, titled ‘Denying ambition totally.’ The second extract (13:46) is from the sixth talk in Saanen 1981, titled ‘Where there is ambition, can love exist?’. The third extract (25:52) is from Krishnamurti’s first talk at Brockwood Park in 1973, titled ‘Ambition is a waste of energy’. The final extract (43:30) this week is from the ninth talk in Ojai 1949, titled ‘Are you free of ambition?’ Each weekly episode in this season of the Krishnamurti podcast is based on a major theme of the philosopher’s talks, such as freedom, self-knowledge, beauty, intelligence and authority. Extracts from our archives have been carefully selected to represent Krishnamurti’s different approaches to each of these universal and timelessly relevant themes. Find us online at and on social media as Krishnamurti Foundation Trust

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