TCG Weekly 12






Guys for this week on TCG Proper, we are taking a swing at a case that has been a long time coming. Heading behind the Iron Curtain and trying to unpack the true Red menace of the soviet union, Andre Chikatilo. Brace yourself for this one creeps, this one gets damn near medieval at times.


Now over to sandu this week, I’ll be giving  our listeners a look at the dark truth behind california's famous gold rush, and the atrocities that were committed to the native Californians who already inhabited the fruitful lands before the prospectors arrived. Here in the states, we’ve always heard the phrase “there's gold in them there hills”,  but where there was gold, there was also a thriving community of Native people who were quietly wiped out in America’s pursuit of wealth.

And over on our patreon, Andy and I sit down again to give you guys another strange look at what's been going on around the world with Strange Shorts. Where we have a few questionable artistic liberties, some teenage mutant demon hamsters, and we learn the importance of reading the fine print on our auto insurance policies, and thats just scraping the surface.

Full House Fantasy

For all the Fantasy football fans, Lorne, tori, and josh sat down together this week to bring you guys the first of several mock drafts they will be doing in preparation for the start of the season. Check it out over on youtube as well and let them all know how you think they did for their first round of picks. 


Then over on JTB, Lorne and I opened the floor up to our listeners again and answered all your pressing questions to the best of our abilities. Including things like what animal we’d like to bring back from extinction, interesting people in our lives, and even imaginary friends.  So check that out over on patreon as well, along with the video!.

5 Min Murder 

And staying  over on patreon for one last update, Lorne is taking a look at a very recent example, of a cold case finally cracked after over 30 years. This time, it was the wife of the killer, who would finally break her silence and put her husband behind bars.

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