From RN to CEO: Monique Rodriguez, Founder of Mielle Organics Is A Black Haircare BOSS With A Story!

Founder and CEO of the cult-favorite beauty brand, Mielle Organics, my girl Monique Rodriguez (@exquisitemo) joined me on the show! When it comes to understanding what it takes to maintain great health, Monique knows! As a former nurse, she's all about understanding how the body works and giving it more of whatever it responds well to! She brought that SAME ENERGY to creating Mielle Organics. Clean ingredients that speak directly to the health of the hair and NOT just the look. Monique's story is all about courage to do what you LOVE and not letting naysayers stop you. Pop in your earbuds or turn up your speakers and get this INSPIRATION from the one-and-only Monique Rodriguez! Let Julee (@missjulee) know your thoughts on this episode of The Color Files by using the hashtag #TheColorFiles on Instagram.  The Color Files Host: Julee Wilson (@MissJulee) Executive Producer: Tiffany Ashitey (@misstiffsays) Producers: Shantel Holder (@shadesofshan_) + Ashley Hobbs (@ashleylatruly) Bookings: Shantel Holder, Tiffany Ashitey, Julee Wilson Audio: Josh Gwynn (@regardingjosh) + Anthony Frasier (@anthonyfrasier) Music: Gold Standard Creative (@gscdotnyc)

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