Nice Thinking: "A Local Indies Tournament"

It's a packed episode this week, with birthdays, illnesses, and some Nice Thinking. Stephen, Mark, and Ellen discuss how the group might put on a tournament for local gamers, featuring locally-made indie games. How can one create a competition that involves many different games of widely different genres? Hopefully your nice hosts are up to the challenge. Either way, you're in for a treat! Plus, we get to finally hear Stephen's TRUE feelings about Star Trek.

Nice Thinking 0:13:12 Mark LaCroixEventsElemetals: Death Metal Death Match - WALLRIDESteamAstral Gunners - Sati BrosSteamHyperDot - Charles McGregorSteamSummer Games Done QuickCombo Breaker TournamentEVO Tournament"Challenges and Strategies for Hosting Massive Independent eSports Events" - James LampkinGDC

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