Finding Support & Joy (Even With Food) + If You’re Making Black Bean Brownies, Ask Yourself Why + Guilt Doesn’t Belong On Your Plate with Dylan Murphy (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Dylan Murphy is back this week (part 2) and we’re so excited! Find a safe space to talk about your eating disorder or disordered eating behaviors. Someone that is not a therapist…a friend or family member that is in the weeds with you that can be an ear…but will also call you out on things if need be. If you don’t have a friend you can talk to about this stuff and therapy isn’t an option for you right now…following anti-diet dietitians like Dylan or Kat Defatta because they offer encouragement in their posts and even things that will call you out in a way (set you straight!!)  What are the joys of your life? Are you isolated from them? When you’re wrapped up in an eating disorder…you are likely so obsessed with it that there’s not much room for pleasure in life! Get curious about what actually brings you joy…that will help you unlock what’s important to you and that can help quiet ED thoughts (which occupy most, if not all, of your day!) Finding joy with food is an amazing thing…but sometimes we only allow ourselves a brownie if it’s made with black beans (while those can be yummy too…what’s your motivation behind choosing to eat them…that is the question?!!)  P.S. You are not alone in any of your ED thoughts!  P.S.S. Guilt doesn’t belong on your plate…just the foods you love and there is more that you are meant to give to the world than counting calories!  Dylan’s Instagram: @DylanMurphy.rd (her tagline is ditch diets, gain freedom!)  Dylan’s Podcast: Free Method Podcast Best places to find more about Amy: + @RadioAmy To contact Amy about Outweigh: See for privacy information.

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