Presenting ideas in a meeting

Presenting Ideas in a meeting Keep facing the audience Wait for everyone to settle down Greet people Connect device beforehand Give a photocopy to avoid eye contact Prior to starting we need to check: -why we are doing this project -how long it will take -how many people we need on the team -what materials -potential problems -proposed solutions ————————————————————— 1-A new project- let’s find out about it JUDGMENT To assess (weigh up the pros and cons) To make an assessment To deem necessary To discern that something is necessary To glean some information To ascertain To estimate To hazard a guess (familiar) a) It has been deemed necessary that the computer software be upgraded and we have estimated that it will cost more than €2000. b) We don't know for the moment exactly but I hazard a guess that it will be €2300 c) We have to make an assessment of the existing software to see if we can sell it and I have gleaned some information from a phone call I had with a colleague that in fact second-hand software is not worth very much so it will be in my estimation not really a contributory factor. Agreeing/disagreeing To approve This project is waiting for approval The manager has approved the project and we have the go-ahead for production The project is going ahead The project has been approved To disapprove I disapprove of this idea VERBS To base on To come up with To fill in To move on to New project So we are here today to talk about the new project the lexicon operation Problem We are here today to talk about the problem we have been having with the software Praise We are here today to give praise to team members who have secured deals this financial year ************** To afford We can't afford to upgrade this computer software We must make do with what we have It would be a bad idea to miss this opportunity, we can't afford to ignore it You can't afford to make that mistake You can't afford to miss this opportunity It is very ill advised ************ Financial vocabulary A quote. A quotation An inquiry about the product A sales lead We have some more leads concerning the crime Never have we faced such serious problems Never have I faced such a serious problem Never have I been faced with such a serious problem *********** Such a great idea such + adjective + noun So happy So + adjective It's high time you changed your tyres It's time you changed your tyres TENSES EXPLAINED Present simple Regular repetitive situations I work every day stative verbs I feel happy I think it's a good idea I like what I do Do you like this restaurant? Does she like this restaurant? I work a nine hour day I enjoy my work First conditional presenting options If you need assistance I will be able to show you how to access the file If you can’t work it out for yourself, no need to feel worried about that, I know how you feel. I will be able to go through it with you. If the drop down menu isn’t showing you the file as I explained then maybe you need to check that you haven’t saved it incorrectly after changing something. Present continuous Temporary exceptional situations I am working I am working on ongoing projects at the moment, at I have sold 10 units This week this month this year recently What have you decided to do? I have used PowerPoint I have never used Excel I have hardly had a chance to finish my work I have almost finished my work I have sold 2000 memberships I have never been to Moscow I have driven three types of vehicle We have decided to put back the meeting We have received an accurate price estimation for the repairs

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