217 | Understanding Fitness Before, During and After Pregnancy with Gina Conley

Movement and exercise is vital during pregnancy, but how informed do you feel? We’re bringing you this interview with Gina Conley to discuss lifting during pregnancy, as well as birthing positions. Gina explains her passion for pregnancy- specific exercise education as she felt uninformed during her pregnancy experiences. Then, she dives into the shifts that may occur between exercising in trimesters 1, 2, and 3, what to look out for, and how to optimize your training in each trimesters. Furthermore, she explains the importance of pelvic stability exercises and how a HIIT-lover may begin to approach their training while being pregnant. Finally, Gina provides insight into birthing positions, it’s relationship with epidurals, what contributed to stalling labours, and how supporting figures can support a pregnant women’s experience optimally! Let’s dive in!

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What You Will Learn in this Interview with Gina Conley:

3:20 - What inspired Gina’s interests in fitness for pregnancy

7:27 - What was missing from Gina’s experience with pregnancy?

14:35 - Lifting & exercise during the 1st and 2nd trimester

17:44 - Lifting during the 3rd trimester

22:17 - Pelvic stability exercises for connective tissue slings

26:06 - HIIT Training during pregnancy

31:11 - Do you need to birth on your back?

32:25 - What contributes to a prolonged labor?

34:40 - Gina’s programs

35;30 - How birthing positions change with an epidural?

39:17 - Supporting through pregnancy

45:26 - Gina’s words of wisdom on birthing

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