WIP 978 #Replay Getting Off the Transaction Treadmill - 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Building a Rental Portfolio

As a way to collate investment assets, the real estate industry uses rental portfolios to catalog an investor's current or past deals. Rental portfolios are essential in being able to reap monetary returns out of your recorded achievements. As it implies, this is a long-term agenda. Thus, the group or individual who holds such a collection gets remitted at a much larger scale as well. Is it really all that necessary when you’re already getting a decent profit anyway?

Let us welcome Wholesale Inc’s newest coach, David Dodge, as he graces us with 5 incontestable benefits of building one as early as your first investment. Throughout the episode, David pitches how quantifying your investments can lead to opportunities for passive income, leverage, wealth, appreciation, and tax benefits. It is the fastest way to get out of the transaction treadmill and let your money do the work for you. Tune in and be one step closer to never having to bargain your time for money ever again.


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