Our Very Early 2023 Oscar Predictions

Ok, so we haven't even reached the halfway point of 2022 yet, but it's never too early to think about next year's Oscars, right? From Martin Scorsese and Apple's 'Killers of the Flower Moon' to other returning Oscar champs like Viola Davis in 'The Woman King' and Olivia Colman in 'Empire of Light,' and other star-studded casts in Steven Spielberg's 'The Fabelmans' and Sarah Polley's 'Women Talking,' this awards season is looking mighty strong. Listen to Nick and Sophia's predicted nominees in the six big categories: Best Supporting Actor (2:55), Best Supporting Actress (12:33), Best Actor (19:46), Best Actress (29:06), Best Director (37:00), and Best Picture (42:08).

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Music: “The Greatest Adventure” by Jonathan Adamich

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