One For the Money - "Elvis," "Press Play," "Spiderhead," The Old Man" and More!

There's a whole lotta shakin' going on in this week's podcast. First we've got "Elvis." It's the much anticipated biopic directed bu Baz Luhrmann starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks. Bill Bregoli saw it and he tells us all about it. Neil Rosen fills us in on "Press Play." It's about a young woman who has a chance to save the love of her life, when she discovers that the mix-tape they made together can transport her back in time. Yeah, that could happen. Bill McCuddy gives us the lowdown on "Spiderhead" which stars Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller and is directed by the same guy who did "Top Gun: Maverick," but very different. But there's more! There's the latest remake of "Father of the Bride," this time starring Andy Garcia an Gloria Estefan, plus "The Old Man" which stars Jeff Bridges and John Lithgow. Bill M teels us what he thought of "Hacks" and "The Offer" as well as the movies "The Watcher" and "Delicious" and Bill B has the documentary "The Janes." There's all that and more so listen in!

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