S11 Episode 41- Priestly moments

In this episode, the dogs talk about Mike's first few weeks settling into base (2:10) and the sacred moments he's experienced so far (6:45). Connor returns to the topic of Christian living (10:22) and shares his own need for community in the midst of hardship (10:50). They close-out the episode discussing Lean Cuisines (17:25), outdoor meal smells (18:35), and how to impress your friends with grill lines (19:20). Quotes: “You just have to be there with people. It seems like the Lord has set up a bunch of moments and if you just show up and you follow Him, He’s gonna make stuff happen. I just simply show up and hang out with soldiers and next thing I know we're having great, real deal conversations.” (Mike, 6:03) "A lot of those priestly moments, where you’re working with people on existential and spiritual margins and trying to navigate that terrain, to be able to walk with them and guide them in those rare, sacred moments. They pop up all the time... I think that’s where they live. (Mike, 6:45) “The possibility of war and violence and death are on the front of their minds frequently and you can either become numb to it or you can try to rassle with a lot of that stuff.” (Mike, 7:25) “Jesus is a soldier in you. He’s an officer in the U.S. Army, offering His body, blood, soul and divinity for these people serving our country this way.” (Connor, 12:20) “The meat is the star. You are not the star. So I’ve been trying to let the meat be the star.” (Connor, 19:30) Media Mentions: Good Morning; Vietnam (1987) References: Mike's 4 Year Priesthood AnniversaryThe RosaryFort Lewis (Washington)The Sorrowful MysteriesHowitzer3DN S11 E39- Gooey center Lean CuisineSt. John Paul II Newman Center at UICSpirit II E-210 Gas Grill82nd Airborne Division Shout- Outs: Derek Bromides: “I’m not adulting very well.” "Our hands are like pillows. They’re for chalices not calluses.” Follow us on instagram @threedogsnorth Contact us at threedogsnorth@gmail.com

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