How to Take Your Culture to the Next Level: Episode 821

Welcome to the podcast Clean Nation! Today, we have the whole team together at a retreat with our clients in the Clean Profit Method, so we thought we’d get together and do a podcast about culture, how it has impacted us personally as a team working for Mike, and why it is so important as you are building out your own company. We have all had different jobs throughout the years with different cultures, and there are some things we are doing here at this job that has really made the difference for us wanting to stay and really give our best. Listen in to learn what those things are and how you can implement them into your own business!

  • 3:26 What Makes the Culture Different at Grow My Cleaning Company
  • 12:51 How You Can Start Changing Your Culture 
  • 19:58 Being a ‘Good Boss” Doesn’t Mean Solving Everyone’s Problems

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