199: World Watercolor Month with Charlie O’Shields and Miriam Schulman

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Pablo Picasso 

Whether this is a proven fact or not is irrelevant. What matters is that there is an innate connection between children and creativity in all forms. Whether it’s through paint, imagination, or creative play in a universe far, far away, there is an inner child in each of us that could help our creative juices and inspire in new ways. 

“Treat your inner child well and make sure you give it plenty of things to keep its imagination growing” -Charlie O’Shields 

Today’s guest, Charlie O’Shields is a Creative Director by day with side hobbies and projects that absolutely light up the world. He started a blog and a 2000-day art journey in 2015 that became the Doodlewash blog and so much more. He’s authored multiple books helping people connect to their inner child and “create like a kid again.” Charlie also founded Watercolor month which is a nonprofit 31-day challenge and community dedicated to watercolor painting. 

In addition to being all around amazing, Charlie shares: 

  • How to show up, practice, and share your work 
  • Encouraging people to get creative 
  • How Happy Hour turned into much more than art 
  • The inspiration for World Watercolor Month in July 

“It's just a matter of doing creative things on a regular basis. And it's not just doing them, it's a practice, everything in life is a practice. - Charlie O’Shields 

Even if art is your business and something you take seriously, Charlie echoes a great reminder that adding fun into your work and a bit of joy goes a long way for the people that see it and feel it in your art. Remember to give your inner child the space it needs to play, stay creative, and keep imagining.  

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