Dismantling Anti-Fat Bias in Healthcare with Dr Natasha Larmie

Dr Natasha Larmie (aka "The Fat Doctor") on getting serious about the harms of anti-fat bias in healthcare.


In this episode, Natasha shares her arrival onto the Instagram scene, what the weight stigma research shows, the difference between implicit and explicit biases and how they impact clients and patients, what’s really happening when a doctor prescribes ‘weight loss’, the makings of the ‘Healthcare Professionals Against Weight Stigma Group’ and how you can begin to contribute to the collective dismantling of weight stigma.


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I'm a weight inclusive GP with over 20 years medical experience who is campaigning against weight stigma in healthcare. I've been fat for most of my adult life, and I'm only now beginning to realise just how much of an impact anti-fat bias has had on my physical and mental health. In coming to this realisation and embarking on a lifelong learning journey, I began exploring the issues surrounding weight-based discrimination and how they impact the health of my patients. My mission is to educate the healthcare profession and empower the fat community to rid the world of weight stigma – Dr Natasha Larmey.

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