Radio PDF | Ep 3 | Nimita Pandey

What is your take on gender and science? Why are fewer women doing postdoctoral research compared to PhDs in India? What are the career scopes one can find if interested in Science Policy? Are there enough opportunities in Science Policy in India? We discussed these questions with a postdoctoral scholar Nimita Pandey from the Centre for Policy Research, IISc Bengaluru, who has a special interest in Gender and Science. She shared her thoughts on the above mentioned topics in this podcast of #RadioPDF

If you are a postdoc in India and would like to be a part of this podcast series, drop us a note at IndiaBiospeaks@​indiabioscience.​org!

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Guest: Nimita Pandey

Host: Suchibrata Borah

Produced by Ananthapathmanabhan in collaboration with IndiaBioscience.

Edited and mixed at Scicle Podcast Productions.

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