140 BPM - Out the Gate (Jumpstart Mix)

After the Metal Monster opening, this mix gets more determined and more fierce with each new track. You will, too.

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01. Sir-Vere - My Mind (Sonale Mix)
02. Andre Moret - Outlying
03. Tony Lionni - It Happened One Night
04. Paul Gavronsky - Night Meetings
05. Gugga - Warrior (Siiker Remix)
06. Blue & Smallz - Rising
07. TuraniQa - Sunrise
08. Saekone - Reloaded (Techflex Remix)
09. Karibou - Last Dance (Extended Mix)
10. Cena Balak - Keep It Classic
11. Lianari - Constellation (Extended Mix)
12. Joah - So Simple

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