Rod Brown - How to Sell Your business twice for Millions

Rod Brown is a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded three companies, over the past decade, that were all bootstrapped and all grew from zero to 7 figures.  The software company OnceLogix, landed on the Inc. 5000 list in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and The Forbes Small Giants list in 2017.


Born in the small coastal city of Wilmington, N.C., Brown worked in the financial services industry. Upon graduating with a B.A. in Information Systems from Winston-Salem State University, he began working at Wachovia Bank, which is now a part of the Wells Fargo Company. He began at Wachovia, working in the bank’s Operations Division, in which he led several Cash Management Services groups. He left Wachovia as a Vice President in its Wealth Management Division, as a Financial Advisor to co-found his own company.


Brown co-founded the software company OnceLogix, LLC in 2005 with Trinity Manning and Ty McLaughlin. As a result, they developed (, a fast-growing, web based tool used by behavioral healthcare companies in the Southeast. What started out as a tool to help Behavioral Healthcare Clinicians manage notes about their patients is becoming a sought-after Practice Management tool for behavioral healthcare firms. After seeing the success of, Brown and his partners are aiming to expand the business to help offer a more streamlined management system for a host of business professions and their respective industries.


Brown has recently ventured into the logistics and transportation business by Greenwood Logistic Solutions, LLC. This company has plans to disrupt transportation and logistics, while building this driver centric brand. 


Brown travels the country training and coaching in the areas of entrepreneurship and Leadership. He most recently co-founded ‘The Small Business Cookout’, a company dedicated to the advancement of minority and women owned businesses through education, skills development, cross pollination, relationship development.


He enjoys learning, his family, golf, and cycling.


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