Self-Care & Mental Health Using Therapeutic Tools At Lower Prices With Kristin Durney & Kris Nurse

Kristin Durney Human Resource Executive by profession and trauma survivor for life (not by choice or by chance). Diagnosed over 20 years ago with Clinical Depression, Clinical Anxiety and PTSD, Kristin began putting to practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools. Being intent and consistently practicing these tools as a lifestyle change, she implemented techniques that shift negative thought patterns to positive beliefs resulting in a growth mindset. During Kristin’s professional career of 23 years, she worked for several Fortune 500 companies leading various sized Human Resources teams. She is a coach, mentor, trainer and motivational speaker across multiple industries, organizations and audiences promoting a lifestyle of mental wellness.

Kris Nurse is Talent Development and Employee Experience leader with over 20 years of experience in performance consulting, attracting talent, developing high-performing teams and transforming company cultures to create a differentiating employee and customer experience. She implements programs that are unique to the organization, supports the culture objectives and impacts the entire employee lifecycle, creating a mentally healthy workplace environment. A seasoned facilitator across multiple audiences, topics and forums in helping teams discover what they need to become their best self professionally and personally.

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