86. Britt Nilsson Byrne, AGAIN!: Becoming a Mom, Freedom From an Eating Disorder, Listening to the Holy Spirit, and Dying to Yourself

Today on the show Britt Byrne joins the podcast community for a second time! This interview was so fun, and the ladies were thrilled to have her on the show again. She opens up and talks to us about becoming a mom, how that has affected her marriage and mental health, and overall how her life has changed this past year. She opens up about her eating disorder and what she will be teaching her daughter Noa as she grows up. Lisa and Olivia also talk to her about their Faith and how they want to speak the truth on the show, and how Britt has navigated that in her life and career so far. This vulnerable episode teaches us to die to ourselves, and always put the other person first. We were all so lucky to have Britt on the show, and if you want to follow on her journey, head HERE. You can also follow her Youtube channel HERE!

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